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Geocaching is an excellent way to get yourself out of the house and have some fun. The Mine Explorers try to locate their caches near old mines to introduce folks to mines, desert beauty, the sport of geocaching and to us!

While we still agree with the above statement, you'll find every one of the caches is now gone. Turns out that one by one they have been stolen. Sad to say, there are people out there that for whatever reason, be it twisted revenge or simple malace, see fit to take away these caches that not only provided lots of folks fun and entertainment but also in a few cases were markers for friends lost. A shame.

The New Desert Headframe

The first cache located by the Mine Explorers, this one is great fun. It sits in an excellent area for mine history and an area that is very scenic. Sadly it's an area that is being studied for closure! This one is a bit advanced and you have to use your head to find the cache, but it's well worth it.

The Doble Dog

Big Bear provides an excellent location for this cache. With the mining history that Big bear has, plus stunning vistas, this was the perfect spot! Located in an old open pit mine, this one takes a bit of skill to get to but is worth the effort. A very active cache.

Fat Hill

Another name for Cerro Gordo, a fantastic Ghost town atop the Inyo Mountains. With old mine equipment and buildings plus awesome views of the Owens Valley, this living ghost town is a Mine Explorer favorite. There's even accomodations for a once in a life time experience! Highly recommended. Oh yeah, there's also our cache,perched high up a ridgeline. The drive alone is worth the trip!