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Welcome to history underground!

The California Mine Explorers are a group of people who have joined forces to enjoy the mining history of California and  its neighboring states and the majesty of the West.

We are a loosely knit group that shuns command structure and egos, agendas and the need for claming any place as "ours".  Life is too short to spend one's time obsessing over who is doing what or the need to shout out what great explorers we are.

The mines of our deserts and mountains are a fascinating window into the region's past. The struggles and the victories, the defeats and the sheer force of will that our   forefathers exhibited bear silent witness now in the form of the many mine workings that are scattered across the vast  reaches of the west like so many pieces of the gold some of the miners sought.

But there is just as much historical wealth in the works they left behind. We are often amazed at the handiwork, the cleverness and the amazing feats of engineering that these men accomplished with none of the modern tools we have today.

We seek to preserve these works as indications to the generations that will come that the American spirit is unstoppable. They are the history of this great land.

And it seems we have an uphill battle on our hands. There are many who would label all this as an "eyesore" and try to tear it down and cover it up. While the past is full of mistakes, the wholesale destruction of everything is simply unjust and the slanting of history to fit one point of view obscene. Happily, the miners didn't know the term "politically correct". But those forces at work will make all this history disappear
if they have their way. My son and his friends already cannot visit half
the places I have in only the past few years because of this.

We seek to preserve the mines and places of the old west so that who we are as a people and what we've done in the past isn't glossed over and destroyed.

Please come join us as we explore and preserve that legacy.

Folks, for God's sake, don't take the above as some invitation to go crazy in a mine. Despite what some media have indicated, the Explorers do not condone running willy-nilly into the nearest mine to kill yourselves! There are trespassing issues and safety issues, etc, etc. The Explorers will NOT be responsible for any incidents stemming from what is seen on this site. Mine exploration is NOT to be taken lightly! USE COMMON SENSE! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF!


Our own Action Figure!
Rock Miner courtesy Fisher Price!